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21 Awesome Men At JustUnfollow - An almost heartfelt note!

I thought I'll write this post before we grow in number!

*hums* Men, men, men, men, manly men men men! 

Today I shared:

Boys speak, but gentleman acts!

Salman designed this one :)

So they say they bear a year-full of torture and claim to be unknown to this wonderful day called “International Men’s Day”! Hahaha I know they are right in many ways even though a lot of us would have points against it. We celebrate this day to address some important things like men's and boys' health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models (That’s what wikipedia says).

So this one is for all the men at my work (Yes it’s their day and I’m being nice ;))
Let me tell you something about all of them (I’ll stick to the good part, of course)
I was gonna be biased but chose a better way out. Lets go alphabetic with there CounterStrike alias or real life nicknames in brackets :)

Aaqib (Aqu):  Newwww. I dont really know him much but seems like a super quiet one. If you’re my height you’ll need a short ladder to talk to him eye to eye.

Ahmed: Newerrrrr. Looks like a fresher but works like a pro (Which he is). 

Anirudh (Ani- Freespirit): Smart ideas, intellectual talks, different yet amazing sense of humour, love for food and even moooooreeee love for toys (might kill me for calling them mere toys) it’s him. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does you’ll be amazed.

Chetan (Nickname): The leader. #TeamBackEnd #WalkGroup #ScienceJustUnfollow. If you love arguing and have logic this is the guy you need to talk with. Also JustUnfollow Hootsuite app is his baby!

Deepak (Deepak365): He is better365 too! Our daily source of inspiration. Positive, smart, hardworking and full of all those good qualities. You’ll feel those positive vibes when you are around him :)

Devrishi (Dev/Bizz): Being friends with him came super naturally. #NoFilter. You’ll see some good things happening at SuperResumeBuilder, that’s Dev Effect. Plus he plays awesome gaane (<<My personal opinion)

Faisal (The One): He is superrrrrrr. Super animate. I presume his team will win every game of dumb-charades ;) Ye hai super ka SuperResumeBuilder, build your CV on your phone!

Farhan (Tartan): Though he renamed himself as Jhinga laa laa, we are gonna call him Tartan! Super young and talented and enthusiastic and simply awesome. Our Instagram superstar!

Karan (Phoenix): Curry, Karma whatever you call him he will answer because “That is how he rolls”. He apparently is the next instagram superstar ;)

Nischal (Zero): Talks. Talks. Talks. That was my first impression. Ofcourse he is genius (I am saying this because I really am not gonna deny the facts today). When I started playing counterstrike my sole aim was to kill Zero. One day he dreams to play guitar in front of 500 people (that would be Team JustUnfollowhttp://www.justunfollow.com)

Nishant (Nobody): I can’t write anything here because you see I’m writing good things ;) He is Nobody.

Rajneesh: Raj, naam to suna hi hoga! I would never forget the day he came to the office for the first time. We all were so engrossed in playing counterstrike that I don’t even know if anyone payed attention to what he was saying. Responsible is the word.

Salman (Infinity): Young designer. Health enthusiast. I like his designs and so do our followers. Might be the reason of me losing weight, hell he makes me run so much :)

Sameer (Now father of two/Peter): The fun guy. The guy responsible for many good things in our app. If you can make him give you a treat I will bow down to you, thrice!

Shardul (Silencer Only): Delight is in details. The big time Apple fan. Sweet guru guy who is super passionate about his work!

Shobhit (Boxodi): I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again I absolutely adore him and his sense of humour. Full of enthusiasm and ideas he has this spark which makes him HIM. Plus he owns inkmat :)

Shyamal: I’m yet to know him. He too is full of ideas. Let’s see how it goes, right?

Siddarth (KidSid): Amazing sense of humour. Lives in his own world. Loves what he does. Super serious about his work. Yet another Apple fan. He has ability to become “Party ki shaan”.

Siddharth (Sid): The real Sid believes in doing things 10X better, 20X faster and make stuff 200X awesome. Yes that is him. You can feel the high energy when you talk to him. Before I forget to mention, super helpful!

Don't kill me for this pic!

Sudhagar (Shot): Straightforward. Red Devil. I don’t know if he is naturally funny or I tend to just laugh at random things he says. This guy refers to himself in third person.

Vinit (Neo): Ummm yeah I knew people at JU but this one happens to be my first “Friend” here. A little different, a lot serious about his work, has not so secret life and has mastered counterstrike in a very short time. 

When I left Bangalore and decided to come here I wasn’t sure how will it be and how would I feel being a part of this team which was male dominated (Yeah I came from mDhil where women ruled). But I feel so at home here that my smile keeps on widening and laughter is just getting louder and louder. I’m getting better at CounterStrike, Salman has made me his “football” target and I’m sure I’m gonna loose a lot of weight. 

Everyone here is super special in some way or the other. One of these says I use the L word a lot that it doesn’t mean anything but well it does and I love them all!


Still. Blank.

I’m done with the unspoken,
I’ve nothing to share,
I don’t know if it’s even there!
I am not acting, I truly am blank.
There is nothing inside & I am being frank.

Emptiness? What is it?
These are just words…
There meanings are lost…

Love? I know not..
Is it some kind of thought?

Care I know..
Care I do…
Care I believe in..
Care is something true…

Still. Blank.


Word-Up by BigRock: My biased opinion (The indiblogger thing)

After destroying myself on Thursday night (Read drunk and sleep deprived) I did not manage to sleep early on Friday night as well. I knew I had to be at #WordUp by indiblogger, the BigRock thing. Anyways I managed to get up at 6 on that saturday morning (that is a BIG thing, trust me)!
I look happy not sleep deprived :P PC: TheDevEffect

I had gone through the agenda and I exactly knew why was I going to the meet. Yes exactly to meet Tanya, Pallavi, Michelle and BlogwatiG :D and of course Sherry Shroff *starry eyes* and the cute ShoutMeLoud guy *blushes*.
Michelle, Pallavi and Me at the Selfie Point :)
With the beautiful Sherry Shroff!

I had memorised my train routes and yes I made it on time. Even though they had preponed it to 9am instead of 11. Blue frog it was!
Neela Mendak it is :)

The moment I entered I spotted the lovely girls I was planning to meet. Next thing I know we found ourselves fan-girling Sherry :P It was fun because she is a chatterbox and super down to earth types.

What else did I find interesting?

  1. Chai: Well that was one of the most interesting things.
  2. The Performance: Nihal, Anoop and the masked guy with that lady on drum gave an awesommmmmme performance. 
  3. Amit Agrawal: Well this man stole my heart with some real good tips. It was bonus because I did not even come here for him :) 
  4. Medimix advice: So I’ve been having skin eruptions and real issues and Sherry suggested Medimix! I am a lot better now!
  5. The dedication to finish it off on time: So it started a little late. Sessions were lagging significantly and I had to reach home at 7 because I wanted to leave for a short night-out trip at 8. I made it on time.
  6. F-O-O-D!

The whole thing was awesome! All indiblogger meets rock, okay? I did learn quite a few things and many people won many different things. My table-mates Pallavi - The Indian Rapunzel aka theDesiGirl and BlogwatiG won Moto G2 and MotoX (How cool is that!!). I got to meet another vlogger(famous wali unlike me :P) and a cute wala guy (i couldn’t even ask for a picture with him I was so mesmerised). 

Also one joke by Bhavish Ailani was cool: If I upload a coffee pic on instagram and add a filter, does it become filter coffee?

I know I should me mentioning Laxmi Rebecca, Anshul Tewari, Sunit Singh, Varun Krishnan, Shree Krishna Chepuri, Arunab Kumar, Snigdha Manchanda as well but may be some other time.

P.S: This month blogging would be regular.. you know why? Birthday Month!!!! :)



There are times when I want to shout out loud
Tell you my story and ask you to listen
But I am afraid you’ll laugh
You’ll laugh at my stupidity
But that point I thought it was courage
There are things that mean world to me
To you they might mean nothing and nothing at all
I am scared you won't understand
Fallen I am and again I’ll fall
I move around with the broken pieces 
Though in my hand they hurt
You’ll ask me to move on
You’ll tell me it’s no big deal
You’ll tell me what’s gone is gone
I know you mean well, and you want me to heal
But a part in my is shaken, is stirred, is shocked and broken 
A part in me has gone and gone for long
This pain is here as a token
Someone was here and something went wrong!


I Painted The Rainbow Grey!

When you are broken beyond repair
When you don’t know if someone cares
When surroundings are blur
When the sky is dark
You wait for a sign
You wait for that spark
That endless wait
That endless night
Where the screams die echoing inside a hollow tunnel
Where the tears dry unnoticed
That is my world
That’s the world you are not welcomed in!

That’s where my rainbow was painted grey!