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There are times when I want to shout out loud
Tell you my story and ask you to listen
But I am afraid you’ll laugh
You’ll laugh at my stupidity
But that point I thought it was courage
There are things that mean world to me
To you they might mean nothing and nothing at all
I am scared you won't understand
Fallen I am and again I’ll fall
I move around with the broken pieces 
Though in my hand they hurt
You’ll ask me to move on
You’ll tell me it’s no big deal
You’ll tell me what’s gone is gone
I know you mean well, and you want me to heal
But a part in my is shaken, is stirred, is shocked and broken 
A part in me has gone and gone for long
This pain is here as a token
Someone was here and something went wrong!


I Painted The Rainbow Grey!

When you are broken beyond repair
When you don’t know if someone cares
When surroundings are blur
When the sky is dark
You wait for a sign
You wait for that spark
That endless wait
That endless night
Where the screams die echoing inside a hollow tunnel
Where the tears dry unnoticed
That is my world
That’s the world you are not welcomed in!

That’s where my rainbow was painted grey!


How To Grow On Twitter - Twitter 101 with Urooj Kazi

So I sound like an old man dying of cough after years and years of hookah... and that is why @TheUrooj has come to my rescue! Thanks Urooj.... Will work harder on better editing from now on, this time bear with me :)

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What life makes of us!

So most of the times my thoughts are pretty messed up. I forget what I was talking and divert to the topics I don’t even intend to talk about.

I just finished watching How I met your mother’s finale and I’m so damn heart broken that I don’t even know how to express my feelings but you know what wasn’t it just a show… Then I wonder aren’t all these things based on something that is at least real or is fiction so fictious…

I would never know… because till now I haven’t been able to figure out that is this real world or the matrix is so .. because you know you might say there is no matrix but someone thought of it.. it might or might not exist.. We call it imagination like inception but who knows if this is inception… 

It is crazy…. I wonder how life goes on and we do not realise so many things going around us.. like see info sys happened and I cried when I was leaving and now I don’t remember so many names and faces and forget school and college and oh maaaaaaay Gawwwwwwd there was TooStep tooo….. Oh dear it’s been like 2+ years on twitter and so many people have come and gone….

You never know right! Life I tell you… so here as I told you it’s all so damn messed up… Now you see at a point I wanted to get addicted to something and then I thought that is totally wrong and then I was like what difference does it make and then I was like oh no no no no life need discipline but does it really I mean really… then why do we say we haven’t seen tomorrow…

Argh they say today’s bud is a hope that tomorrow there will be a flower but then they also say live in today.. I don’t have any idea who the hell is this “They” but whoever it is is next to Oracle  and that brings me back to the matrix…

Oh my phone is ringing…..


Garliced Carrots - Recipe (lasanya gajar)

A couple of carrots, a couple of spoon oil, garlic-chili paste with salt and sesame, coriander and someone who would love little side dishes you make :)

Why Do We Shout When We Are Angry?

The yog dhay and gyan thingy! You can know more know more about http://shubhamehta.blogspot.in/

DIY- The Bat Eye Look!

So I'm back with Bat eye look and we are gonna use pretty simple things ladies... I know it is not very neat but well.. it works :)

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Gujarati Kadhi - Recipe

Time for something sweet... not the dessert...

It is Kadhi...

You need: Gram Floor (almost 2-3 spoons), 500 litre curd, some chillies, ginger, ghee, fenugreek seeds, salt, sugar ( or jagerry)!